Tax Services

Solving Complex Tax Problems

As your business grows, so does the complexity of your tax planning needs. Whether your business operates as a corporation, LLC or partnership, our business tax services can assist with initial tax structuring advice and ongoing compliance support. Since Rowbotham International was founded in 1991, our international tax expertise has supported our clients' expansion in Europe, Asia and Latin America, as well as foreign companies' expansion into the U.S.

Rowbotham International tax services are outlined below. For specific services and case studies, see Business Tax Services and Individual Tax Services.

Categories of Tax Services:

Tax Planning

Tax planning is a major part of strategic planning for your business, whether you are contemplating a merger or minimizing your annual tax liabilities. Our tax planning services include consulting on tax issues ranging from corporate acquisitions to international business restructuring to filing annual income tax returns. All of our tax planning services are performed with a view toward minimizing your global tax burden and avoiding penalties that are frequently imposed due to increased reporting requirements under the Internal Revenue Code.

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Multi-state and Multinational

Do you currently conduct business in more than one state? Do you anticipate doing so in the future? Our network of associated firms in all major cities in the U.S. as well as in 110 countries allows us to provide exceptional service no matter where our clients conduct business.

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Tax Preparation

Tax return preparation is essential since your return should reflect disclosures and elections consistent with your tax planning objectives. Where a company's in-house tax department does not yet exist, we can prepare estimates and returns. For a larger enterprise, we can limit our role to reviewing returns, or assisting with tax provision support services. We utilize market-leading tax software, allowing us to prepare returns for consolidated, multi-state and foreign corporations, and nonresident and expatriate income tax returns. Our returns as well as company information are maintained in secure paperless files that can be immediately accessible upon request.

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Representation Before Taxing Authorities

We frequently negotiate settlements with the IRS, California's Franchise Tax Board, and sales tax authorities in California and other states. We resolve disputes in income, sales and excise tax matters and also assist with VAT related issues when business is conducted abroad.

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Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

We can advise you regarding accounting and bookkeeping software and install a system that can be run internally by your staff or maintained by our consultants. With new businesses, we can assist with a recommended chart of accounts that capture information for both business and tax purposes. For example, where R&D credits are important, setting up a proper chart of accounts can make the information gathering process efficient and can also help provide source information in the event of an audit.

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